Who we are

We proudly present our all round workplace team. Starting from move management, we have become a complete service provider for everything related to the workplace. Our team existing of different expertise, like interior architects, designers, project manager, move managers, and change managers, complements and inspires each other which enables us to work together with you on your workplace project. Together we decide what your organization needs, this could be a new design of your work environment, office interior, feasibility study or relocation. We deliver custom solutions by connecting with your organization. Partnership and open, honest communication are key for us.

Our way of working

When we start a new project, we try our ultimate best to become part of your organization so we get to know your employees and work environment. In this way we can make sure that our solutions perfectly fit the needs and core values of your organization. Our project managers approach your project from a facilities point of view. This means that we have a detailed view of your work environment to ensure that there are no loose ends when the new work environment is taken into usage. Our interior architects have thorough look at your organization, people, and way of working. Together with the users we think of the necessary changes and improvements. We take different steps to reach a fitting design that translates the user wishes in the best possible way to an esthetically attractive work environment.

Our team

We are not afraid to be different from the others and like to work ahead of developments in our field. Unique and personal is the best way to describe our team. We like to work together and think along with you.