When Hivos approached Marts for their project, the organization was located in a town house in the Hague. There was no direct need to leave this location, but they did feel the need for more openness, connection, and the opportunity to work together with similar organizations. In their search for a new location, they found an A-location of circa 1500 m2 in the center of the Hague that offered the opportunity to create a more transparent and open work environment.

Marts has designed the interior for the new location and was responsible for overall project management, and the coordination of the move to the new building. During interviews and workshops, users emphasized that the aspects sustainability and corporate social responsibility were the most fitting terms to describe Hivos. For this reason, we have put emphasis on this in our choices of materials and reuse of the existing furniture inventory to show the organization’s character in the new work environment.

The result is a design with a diversity of work spaces, including project rooms, focus desks, brainstorm spaces with whiteboard walls, and meeting spaces. The look and feel of the new office emphasizes conciseness, efficiency, and diversity. Together with Wielenga Projectinrichting, we have made this project a success.