MADE.COM’s office has been relocated to a new location closer to their beautiful showroom at the Raadhuisstraat in Amsterdam. The new location of their choice is a building at the Keizersgracht where office employees have a direct, indoor connection with the showroom. The advantages of this direct connection explain themselves and the interior with furniture from Marts Projectinrichting mixed with that what has made MADE.COM famous can be described as stunning, fitting, and stylish. Marts prepared and coordinated the move to the new building and was responsible for supervising construction. As mentioned before, we have also provided the office furniture.

During the project we took care of a few actions, like collecting the required documentation of the new location and coordinating with the building owner. We were also responsible for communication with the contractor and different maintenance engineers; making sure everything was moving forward according to schedule; and organizing multiple tenders as for example the fire safety inspection. Our clients choose what kind of support they need, we offer custom-fit services.

To prepare for the relocation to the new building, we have designed the floor plans with the new work spaces, meeting spaces, and walking routes. A proof set-up of the new furniture supported the choices for both the look&feel and comfort levels. By giving employees one week to try out different office chairs, the right choice will be made and furniture will be in use for a long time. We delivered and placed the favorite chair and most popular type of desk. MADE.COM has a stunning assortment of furniture and decoration, which we used for the further furnishings of the office.