Due to a large-scale reorganization, a government institution in Rotterdam had to create new teams and departments. In addition, 60,000 m2 of real estate had to be disposed of. This had major consequences for the buildings in which the organization was located.

The reorganization involved a large amount of shifts within the organization. For this reason, a project team was set up to coordinate these shifts. In February 2015, the first project manager from Marts was added to the team. A second project manager followed soon after (April 2015). As the projects progressed, the amount of construction projects increased, so in March 2015 a project manager specialized in construction was added to the team.

We have been responsible for preparing, supervising and coordinating various types of relocations and renovations. This includes specific field functions and office functions. Our project managers acted as a link between various departments within the organization and third parties, and advised on how to redesign the office layout using existing furniture. In addition, layout and floor plans were drawn up, we provided support on contract management, and we coordinated the delivery of properties that had to be disposed of.

The project lasted two years and four months in total. During this period, we carried out many assignments on which we look back with great pleasure.