Unilever is world-famous for brands like Knorr, Bertolli, and Calvé. At their research and development locations, Unilever is developing and implementing ground-breaking innovations for both existing and new products. A new Foods Innovations Center has been built in Wageningen where employees from previous R&D locations in the Netherlands, Germany, and Poland are working on the development of the newest food technologies. The new building offers more research possibilities, more efficient use of space and labs, and because of the location on the campus of the WUR there are a lot of opportunities to work together with students and startups.

Marts was responsible for preparing and coordinating the different relocations. The main focus of this project was the delicate lab equipment, product samples, and chemicals that had to be moved from the three previous sites. The interior design of the new building focused on reuse which meant that a lot of furniture from the previous sites was also moving. At the end, only 10% of the total amount of furniture was newly purchased. Thorough preparations and an inexplicably complex and narrow project administration and planning were crucial for the success of this project. Extra special was the move of a gigantic cooking island which had to be hoisted from the 8th floor with a giant crane. Besides meeting a many new and interesting people, every project has its own special memories and this is definitely one of those.