Marit Wüst

The connection Marit has with her job and the people around her probably exists because of her work life balance. She likes to cook special creations for friends and family. In summertime you will find her enjoying the sun on a terrace, while in winter she will replace this with a couch and crackling fire. You can call her sporty; running, bootcamping, snowboarding, and playing hockey will get her off the couch. She has seen a lot of the world (Mid- and South America, Australia, Thailand…, but her base is at home. Together with her boyfriend and baby kitten she lives in Rotterdam; very special for someone who is originally from Amsterdam!


“The flexible and solution-oriented execution of projects and the translation of client wishes to a quick implementation are skills I find important. Monitoring deadlines proactively and working intensively together with colleagues and clients gives me energy. I like to meet new people and to maintain these contacts; after a project is finished, I like to swing by for a cup of coffee. Not a day at Marts is the same because I can work for various clients, companies, and locations. This, and all the encounters, makes my job very entertaining and challenging!”