Esra Bakker

Esra enjoys spending her spare time with friends and family. When the weather is nice, she likes to fire up the barbeque and have a drink. To keep in shape, she works out approximately five times a week. She likes to switch between boxing and strength training, but boxing is definitely her favorite workout.


“I have been working for almost 1.5 years at Marts, a young and growing company that gives me the space and opportunity for personal development. Over the past period, I have developed my own way of working and I have become a strong and confident project manager. I am proud of the diversity of my acquired knowledge. There are main focus points in my work: the interests of my client/project scope and the interests of the users. By putting together all available information, I know how to find the perfect balance between both and success is guaranteed in creating a new work environment. It makes me feel great when the project team and the users are happy after my project is finished. What I really enjoy about my work is the fact that I get the chance to think about how to create an optimal work environment and how optimal support makes it possible to create this environment in the most efficient and pleasant way possible.”