Jolanda de Weert

With a total of 38 visited countries (and counting!), you can definitely call Jolanda a travel addict. While she is planning her next trip, she really enjoys going to the cinema, dancing, and sport events. The Rotterdam marathon 2019 was her ultimate sports highlight. The medal is hanging proudly on her wall!

Jolanda –

“As project manager I am busy with different projects, teams, and clients. The changing character of project management at Marts is really appealing to me; one moment I am working conceptually, the next moment we are solving a practical problem. I like to get to know my clients and to become part of the team in a short period of time. We are usually approached by clients because they have a problem or question. Getting to the essence of that problem or questions requires close listening and asking the right questions. Open and confidential conversations to get to the essence give me a lot of energy. Moreover, I stay calm and am able to keep the overview in busy or chaotic situations, which gives people around me something to hold onto. At the end of a productive day, I am already looking forward to work with my findings the next day! I am interested in many different subjects which is visible in the kinds of projects that I managed. These differ from workplace advice or complex relocations to the organization and production of large scale events and art campaigns.”