Lotte Biek-Wieringa


Lotte has taken quite a few steps for and with Marts. After work she like to spend her time with her husband and daughter of 1.5 years old. She recently welcomed a new family member with the birth of her son, so they will have their hands full the coming period. Lotte likes being busy so this will not be a problem for her!

Lotte –

“Variety and challenge are the keywords that drive me in my work. As project manager, I have the opportunity to work for and explore many different companies and to work with a lot of different people. Our projects often have change as a consequence. Not necessarily for us, but for the users who work at the organizations that hire us. Change is not always easy for those involved. I try to engage users who are part of a changing environment and use my enthusiasm to show them the positive side of change. Together with my colleagues, I like to take on the challenge to create an optimal working environment for the user, while striving for the best business results.”