Richard Flink

Richard started his job as interior architect at Marts eight years ago. He has an interesting list of projects to which he contributed on his name. With his wife Len he likes to do fun activities like city trips, visiting museums, and discovering the local culinary hotspots. A long weekend kayaking in a nature park or at sea is also one of his favorite ways to spend is spare time and he never misses his annual trip to Spain.

Richard –

“As a joke I like to say that I have the best job in the world and I feel privileged to be able to say so. One moment I am busy with a sketch design or working focused on a project description, the next moment I am in a meeting. At construction or project sites I meet clients, users, and performing parties and the focus lies on communication and project control. Because of this diversity I enjoy going to work every day. I can lose myself in a project in which I am involved from A to Z where optimization of the usage of space and the needs of the users need to fit together perfectly. Listening, understanding, and translating, that is mostly it. A smart constructional change or another interior layout can give a space a whole different atmosphere and optimal usage comfort. When I have pleasantly surprised the client and myself, I feel satisfied and know that I did the best I could.”