Martijn Schmale

Martijn –

“Marts exists 10 years which means I have been an entrepreneur for 10 years as well. The journey that I have gone through has brought me a lot. All the people, companies, and opportunities that I got to know and the development that I have gone through with Marts is the best education ever. On the one hand, it feels like a rollercoaster and I know that recharging by taking long walks or bicycle rides through nature, working out, cooking, my home, and relaxation are essential. On the other hand, I would not want to miss the excitement and energy. Give me a crisis or other challenge and I am ready to go. I apparently need those peaks and drops.

Together with the team, we have developed our services over the years. We started 10 years ago with just move management but we now call ourselves an all-round housing agency. From searching for a suitable location to a design and construction supervision by our Marts Design team, the execution, facility management, relocation, or a small project for which support is needed; we do it all. We are proud of our returning customers. It shows that partnership and working together gives the best result for everyone. We get to know an organization, find the bottlenecks and know how to act on them. It feels great to built an enduring relationship with the people we are working for. It is about connections; with our clients, our relations, and with each other as a team. Really knowing who you are working with ensures the quality of everything and everyone.”